I’m sitting here trying to decide just exactly what I want this to be and the truth is, I really don’t know. So maybe the next question is why do I want to do this? hmmm.

I guess firstly I love entertaining, cooking and having a few drinks with friends, yeah OK I like having lots of drinks with friends. I love getting friends and family together and sharing a meal and seeing the joy people get from the experience. I love the sense of community and belonging the sharing of a meal or a few sunset beers brings to myself and the people I care for.

So I guess in answering that, this journey will be sharing the things I love, whether that ends up being particular beers, recipes or favourite places to eat. Maybe it will be reviews, maybe it will be photos or opinions, I don’t really know at this stage.

The other decision I wrestled with is the medium I would use to release content. Many bloggers these days are just using social media via instagram, twitter and Facebook to provide quick reviews and snippets of information. I have decided that I will use this website along with instagram and Facebook. How will it work I hear you ask, well a quick snippet about a beer and what I think or a particular menu item somewhere will more than likely be via my Instagram page, where as more lengthy posts like this one or say a recipe will be via this website. However updates here and on instagram will all be updated and linked on Facebook. So yes all the bases are covered for your eyes to be smashed with craft beer and food from all angles.

What you can expect is beer, lots of beer, cocktails, low n slow bbq, burger porn, recipes that are easy enough for me to cook and plenty of spelling mistakes and grammatical errors.

So welcome, join in, let me know what you would like to see and enjoy the journey. If you want to get involved or do any collaboration work hit me up at foodgrogblog@hotmail.com




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