Aether Brewing

Well hasn’t it been a long time since I last tapped on the keys? Don’t ask me why, I don’t have the answer but on an Uber ride home on Saturday I felt the striking need to write again so here we are. What was the inspiration for this? Quite simply Aether Brewing. You see it was the first official day of Brewvegas, Brisbane’s annual week long beer festival, I had been to three other venues previously that day, tried some amazing beers from Australia, New Zealand and America but after all that, the core range on tap at Aether just seemed head and shoulders above everything else.

My journey with Aether began and ended in 2016 when they first introduced their beers to the world at The Beer Incider Festival. It was the first time punters were given a chance to try the beers as their brewpub hadn’t opened yet. From the outset the hop skip jump IPA was an absolute standout and one of the best beers on offer that day. It wasn’t until recently that I tried any of their beers again, this time it was the twisted vine new England India pale ale (NEIPA). I had tried a few NEIPA’s but never really got what all the hype was about and didn’t think much of the style, that was until I tried Aether. I was so inspired it actually prompted me to brew my own NEIPA. Then a few weeks later I stumbled across hop skip jump in cans and grabbed a 4 pack for the weekend and yep there it was, two years later it’s still holding up as one of the best IPA’s around.

Located in Milton, Aether was conceived by Dave and Jimmy many moons ago and the guys have now built themselves as a solid part of Brisbane’s beer scene since opening in 2016. Unlike the rest of us, the idea of opening a brewpub didn’t die the following day with the hangover and the guys took the time to perfect their recipes and ideas before signing the lease five years after the initial concept. They nowrun a five Hectolitre, three vessel system with six fermenters, three copper bright tanks and was custom designed by the guys. Not only that, there’s 12 taps on offer and a menu that makes you hungry just reading it. What’s great about this venue is the ability to hold a conversation, there’s enough room to spread out while still feeling cosy and you can actually catch up with friends without having to SHOUT at them. There’s all so a function room available if you need a bit more space and privacy for your event, hmmm think I just found the venue for my 40th, yes I’m that old, shut up.

So thanks Aether for serving Brisbane some amazing beers and reigniting my passion for spreading the good beer love. If you haven’t been to Aether Brewing then you are truly missing out on one of the best venues in Brisbane serving beers that easily compete with some of the best in the country.

Aether Brewing

35 Railway Tce

Milton Qld


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