Bella BBQ’s The Gold Dust Woman

I must admit, I never thought that I would ever do a blog post on a single burger, I mean come on how much can you write about a bread roll with meat inside? Well we’re about to find out together. So firstly it must come as no surprise that this is something a little special and with so many burger joints around Brisbane you really need to be doing something a little different to stand out. So when Steve from Bella BBQ sends you a message saying something along the lines of “I’ve got a new limited edition burger that includes cured duck breast bacon” the only question you ask is when and where. So say hello to the Gold Dust Woman (Whoa Man).

Bella BBQ have been part of the Brisbane food scene for a number of years now starting off in the back of a caravan to their now purpose built food truck. This thing is a beast with no expense spared and just to give you an idea it can carry an actual tonne of stock, has a staff of 6, needs its own power supply and can pump out a burger every 30 seconds. Even with this you can still expect a long line wherever this burger bus is parked. If you ever want to find them or check the menu well that’s easy cause they have their own app with everything you need to know. Just search Bella BBQ in the app store or google play.


So Steve & Cass continue to up the game, they’ve been giving us brisket with mac n cheese before we knew what brisket was, their loaded fries are insane and now this. The crew decided they wanted a new point of difference and the Gold Dust Woman is the start of a series of limited releases they’ll be doing.  These are limited releases not for the wank factor but for the amount of effort and time that goes into the ingredients. So I guess I better tell you just what these ingredients are

✔️Southern spiced cornbread stuffing

✔️Fresh rocket & coriander mix

✔️Duck fat fried hash brown

✔️Cranberry jelly sphere

✔️Champagne & beer battered chicken tenders

✔️Slow smoked, dry and wet spiced turkey

✔️Black truffle sea salt sweet potato fries

✔️14 day Cognac & Orange liquor cured duck breast bacon, smoked over cherry

✔️Duck jus gravy

✔️Gold dusted bun with tequila


Yes you read that correctly, duck breast bacon cured in congac and orange liquor before being smoked and that’s just one ingredient. So I guess you want to know what it taste like? Well it’s like a fine dining thanksgiving dinner put into a burger that tastes like nothing you’ve had before. Don’t go there to compare it to a standard burger it’s not really the same thing, you need to assess this thing as its own unique creation.


If you miss this one, there will only be 70ish available due to the ingredients, then there will be another special creation like this coming for Christmas. While the Gold Dust Woman has been a purely out of the box creation the next release is going to be a mind bender.

Stay tuned.


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