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I’ve really been struggling with putting fingers on keys of late, between full time work, part time uni and 2 kids it’s often hard to find the time. So much so that a few weeks ago I visited one of the coolest new breweries to open in South East Queensland and have neglected to write a thing, so here you go.

20160825_111856Brouhaha Brewery (Maleny)

Every year our family makes the pilgrimage from Brisbane to the Sunshine Coast to escape the shackles of everyday life and take time to unwind after end of financial year. We pull the kids out of school to the disgust of teachers and others and we head north
to do all the touristy things with out any tourists around. When I say touristy things I mean mini golf, bowling, hanging at the beach and Dad, aka me, drinking copious controlled amounts of beer. This year one of my must do’s was to visit Brouhaha Brewery who had just opened in Maleny. I had heard a few little murmurs of this place, all of them good.

20160825_115242You know how you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, um well guilty. I must admit when we first walked in and I had a look around I was sort of like oh ok it’s a café that’s doing a few brews on the side. This is probably partly my own fault for turning up at 11am when most customers are there for coffee and I’m ready to start smashing paddles. This is actually a good thing; the ambience is that of a cool restaurant / café with a nice sun deck, couches by the fire and plenty of seating. There’s a cool little kids corner filled with games and toys for the young ones to stay occupied while Mum & Dad pretend to talk about grown up stuff. On the other side is the brewery with the kitchen tucked away behind the bar.

20160825_112249Lets start with the man behind the beer, Mr Matt Jancauskas. So if you know beer you’ve probably heard of Beavertown, and if you haven’t well their one of the leading craft breweries in the UK and you should check them out. This is where Matt resided before heading back to Australia and getting together with the other owners to start Brouhaha. Matt takes a unique approach to brewing and it was interesting talking to him and learning about split batch brewing, I think that’s what he called it. Anyhow Matt will take a base recipe and then split it in half to produce two different beers. For example one base saison batch was then split to do a dry hopped version and a raspberry version from the same base. Let’s just say he knows what he’s doing cause the beers are bursting with flavour and I enjoyed every single one.

So we best talk about the beers then. On the day there were 9 beers plus one cider available. Being the investigative journalist I am I though I best have a bit of a nudge if I was do my readers justice, so for the good of all of you reading this I tried

Dry Hopped Saison 5.7%

Raspberry Saison 5.9%

IPA 6.7%

Passionfruit IPA 6.8%

Finger Lime IPA (still fermenting when sampled)

Coffee Milk Stout 4.1%

20160825_113419Not a bad lunchtime session if I do say so myself, remembering I had the wife and 2 kids in tow. Firstly not a single one was bad, I say this because I’ve been to number of places that produce cracking beers but usually there’s the odd one that just misses the mark, well not here my friend. Standouts for me were the dry hopped saison and passionfruit ipa, but all would hold their own out in the market place. Unfortunately getting hold of this stuff is pretty limited, you will either need to visit the brewery itself or keep an eye out for select venues around Brisbane and the Sunny Coast. To the point you cant even get growler fills yet (insert giant sad face emoticon here). I guessing due to some quality local government decisions that went something like “sure you can open a brewery, oh you want people to take beer away from the brewery, oh no oh we didn’t think that a brewery would sell beer to customers, no you can’t do that”. Anyhow I’m sure Matt and the crew are working through this and I will be making stupidly huge after surf detours to fill my growlers soon.

20160825_113831When it comes to food, it’s just as good as the beer. In between games of Uno and doing puzzles with the kids we hooked into some awesome brisket tacos and sweet potato fries. I was actually trying to be a bit clever here, you see I was somehow under the impression that the kids would be happy with chips and I was going to share these amazing tacos with the wife. So yeah that backfired and I really enjoyed my sweet potato chips and two bites of a taco ha ha. But in all seriousness I have never seen my kids smash down food like that, I even had to enforce the no licking plates in public rule. Once again we came across another awesome chef, Michael Oliver, who was all to happy to go through the menu with us and make a few adjustments to ensure were kids were safe due to their allergies. I’m not sure why we struggle with this so much in Brisbane when craft venues on the coast seem all too happy to accommodate.

20160825_121839All in all this was a real surprise package for me, I don’t really know what I expected but whatever my expectations were they were they were certainly exceeded. From the awesome food and accommodating chef, the stupidly good beer or Matt taking the time to have a chat about the beers and showing me around the brewery.

So there you go, the next time you’re “up the coast” be sure to drop in and say hi to Matt and the crew.


3 thoughts on “Brouhaha Brewery

  1. Man they still haven’t got their takeaway license! that SUX! They have 100 beautifully etched double wall steel growlers sitting in a back room somewhere gathering dust.. I know cause they are iKeggers 😉

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