Black Bunny Kitchen

One of the greatest things about living in Brisbane is the choice between going south to the Gold Coast or north to the Sunshine Coast. While the Sunshine Coast might have been lacking behind the Goldy when it comes to beer venues, they’ve certainly made up for it this year. After recently staying at our favourite spot, Alexandra Headland, I found myself a little spoilt for choice. Let’s start with one of the first and still my favourite spot, Black Bunny Kitchen.

Black Bunny Kitchen, Alexandra Headland

Now black bunny has been a favourite of mine for a while now and this year they upped their game a little further. Located on the Sunshine Coast, they were probably the first in the area to go full craft, staying away from any mainstream beer, and many criticised them initially for this move. They have proven the naysayers wrong and 2 years on their still going strong without a drop of XXXX or Corona in sight. They have a great selection on tap with regular rotations and the fridge behind the bar is filled with all your favourites like Garage Project, Funk Estate, Green Beacon, Heretic, Lord Nelson, Murray’s and so many more. Right, so the beer is good but what about everything else? Well atmosphere is nice and relaxed, as you’d expect being across the road from the beach, shoes are optional and there’s a range of tables or couches to choose from.

20160823_081438.jpg 20160823_081704.jpg
Let’s start with breakfast and most importantly coffee, yes they can make coffee, they can make coffee as good as anyone and better than plenty of places I’ve been in Brisbane. When it comes to breakfast they do items that immediately grabbed my attention. The breakfast burrito with brisket burnt end beans, fried egg and chimichurri salsa and the kimchi pancakes with pulled pork on a spiced Korean pancake topped with a fried egg, herbs and sriracha hot sauce. C’mon how good does that sound? A hell of a lot better than another boring menu with your standard eggs benny and blueberry pancakes.
20160823_081448.jpgIf you haven’t picked up on the other reason I love this place, apart from the beer, it’s the smoke. Black bunny have recently acquired a new reverse offset smoker from the legends at Radar Hill, and their putting it to good use. Not only is all sorts of smokey goodness popping up on the everyday menu, Black Bunny are all so doing special events and a bit of catering on the side. Be sure to check out the specials board for the burger and dawg of the day too. Over the week we stayed at Alex I visited around 5 times, either for coffee or lunch and the food and service was always great. During this time I had samples of beer battered fish and chips with mushy peas, chorizo dog with feta and capsicum salsa, pulled pork burger with chipotle mayo, fried chicken, calamari and an almighty brisket burger with enough melt in the mouth brisket to feed a family. Everything was top notch and if your not hungry from looking at these photos or should probably got see an optometrist.wp-1472608996535.jpg

Josh and the crew have an amazing attitude towards customer service and go out of their way to ensure everybody is happy. In fact, when I first started chatting to Josh about dropping in and bringing our kids, who are anaphylactic to eggs, nuts and dairy, he and the crew put a special menu together just so our kids could eat out. Now to any allergy parent this is huge. We usually don’t eat out as a family as most places don’t really want to deal with the issue of allergies so for someone to go to this effort for our family meant a lot personally. This just falls in line with Josh’s attitude to the business, he opens earlier and later than he needs to just to ensure he is there so you can get your Black Bunny fix.

20160827_020256.jpg  wp-1472609098920.jpg
This also included me showing up at midnight on Friday to help fire up the Radar Hill 30″ offset to smoke stupid amounts of meat for the restaurant. This may or may not have led to a number of samples being consumed from the fridges “for research purposes”.

If you are ever on the Sunshine Coast please make sure you drop in and see the crew at Black Bunny Kitchen. They take pride in making sure they have the best in craft beer matched with awesome food and a laid back atmosphere.


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