Ze Pickle

So the time has come for the top burger joints in Brisbane, problem is, there is so much info to get through so I’m going to do these as individual posts rather than one big novel. If my recent posts are anything to go off there’s bound to be some arguments. That’s to be understood too, there are just so many places producing pure Instagram burger porn now that we’re a little spoilt for choice. Even during the time that I started thinking, visiting and writing this, two new places opened. Now when it comes to my choice in burgers I go for a few things but firstly taste, if it doesn’t taste good then it doesn’t matter how good it looks on Instagram. Secondly I really like supporting the little guys, people that built the business up from scratch and really enjoy what they do. Before you keep reading, I suggest you cancel your dinner plans skip lunch and loosen your belt. Today we are starting with Ze Pickle


Ze Pickle – ah the Mad Hueys of the burger world, wicked burgers, quality beer, cocktails and hip hop beats. I first stumbled on to the pickle boys at Burleigh Heads where I would go to fill up after a surf on the Coast. They opened their first shop a while ago and they have now expanded into Brisbane and Sydney. Born from 3 mates who couldn’t find anywhere to hang out and smash man burgers with quality beer, they built their own man cave and it was bound to take off. I’m surprised that the boys haven’t got more love in Brisbane, I see a lot “top 5 this” or “Brisbane burger joints that” and these guys seem to be left off the list all too often. I have never had a bad experience and neither have a number of people I have talked to, in any case they have picked up best burger joint on the Gold Coast 2 years running. Put all that aside and for me the fact still remains  – the guys have the best burger joint in Brisbane combining beats, beers and burgers.

All beef burgers are made from hand pressed wagyu, the brisket used is real smoked brisket done in house and the rolls are made in house by their own baker. This gives control over quality of products and the ability to experiment with new ideas.

Now let’s move on to the chips, the kumara (sweet potato) fries are killer but ze chips are the business and easily feed two. We’re talking crispy chips with IPA cheese, maple smoked bacon and the house zp sauce.


But what you’re really here for is burgers, the entry level is the chee-ze with beef patty, lettuce, tomato, pickle, ketchup, zp sauce & jack cheese. This can be taken to the extreme with the triple loco with 3 wagyu patties, triple cheese, triple maple smoked bacon, pulled pork, smoked jalapeños, lettuce, tomato, zp sauce, coleslaw and served between two cheese toasted sandwiches. My favourite is the southern hick with crispy fried chicken, smoked bacon, jack cheese, lettuce, tomato and zp sauce. Another crowd pleaser is the 3am, wagyu patty, maple smoked bacon, fried cheese sticks, guacamole and zp sauce. Now the burgers here are big and easily fill me and I’ve noticed many a zp novice is left deciding whether to finish their burger or ze chips, so be warned and share your chips.


Right now we’ve got through the food let’s talk about some other things, mainly atmosphere. The decor is a mix of industrial and man cave with painted gas tanks, licence plates and petrol bowsers, but in a modern take not the 50’s diner your parents used to take you to on long road trips. The beer taps consist of game controllers, pistons, skate trucks, microphones and an old mobile like ya dad had. As for the staff, they’re down to earth hosts and don’t carry any of that pretentious arrogance you encounter if you don’t have skinny jeans and a beard, which is good cause I can’t grow one. While I haven’t taken our kids, I have heard really good things about the staff looking after families and giving the kids some attention which means a lot to the little ones.


Speaking of beer let us just say it’s good and if you have any concerns you can check out the line up on www.nowtapped.com/zepicklebrisbane  The guys provide a good mix of all styles and mainly focus on Australian craft producers with a couple of taps provided to showcase some overseas craft beers too. This coupled with a cool cocktail menu too with cocktails like Hood Juice, Bubba Hubba Bubba, Bacon Old Fashion or a Luv U Long Time. Rumour has it there’s more stores opening in the near future, some collaboration with a new local brewery and their own food truck is almost ready to roll.

So go there, smash your face full of unpretentious burger porn with quality beer and support 3 guys who are killing it doing it their own way.






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